The Pro Fiber (40g - Large)
The Pro Fiber (40g - Large)
The Pro Fiber (40g - Large)
The Pro Fiber (40g - Large)
The Pro Fiber (40g - Large)
The Pro Fiber (40g - Large)
The Pro Fiber (40g - Large)

The Pro Fiber (40g - Large)

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More than half of men suffer from Androgenetic Alopecia, better known as male pattern balding.  Those who suffer from it know a receding hairline and/or thinning crown can do to your confidence and self image.  The existing solutions for men, most are either too drastic, risky, expensive, unrealistic or hard to maintain.  Until now.


The Pro Fiber Overview

The Pro Fiber by Rep Hair is an inexpensive, easy to apply, risk free, fully organic solution to hair loss concealment.  It is THE most realistic solution on the market, bar none.  It can’t look fake… because it’s real hair!

Rep Hair is made for professionals, but now available for home use.

Rep Hair - The Pro Fiber Transformation (corners)


The Pro Fiber provides hair professionals with 100% organic, precision cut, human hair fibers.  Giving the most realistic thickness enhancement and hair loss concealment that is available on the market.  Our natural blend of colours and lengths provide applicants with a non-uniform, virtually indistinguishable coverage of hair that is so realistic, it can even be applied directly to scalp in areas where there is no hair.

It can't look fake... it's real hair!


Superior Human Fibers

The Pro Fiber strands are designed to be built up, with 2 strand length ranges available.  The 'base' fibers providing you with longer strands for initial base coverage on higher hair styles. The 'styling' fibers come with shorter strands for shorter styles, offering full and dense coverage.  

Our Rep Hair range offers the most comprehensive hairline and crown balding enhancement products that are available on the market.




Will this product smudge when it gets wet?

Absolutely not.  Rep Hair is real hair, so it won’t run or smudge, however, it’s resistance to water will depend on the hairspray that is used to adhere the hairs in place.


Will the colour run?

Our hair fiber are not artificially coloured.  They are real human hair, so will act the way real human hair does.


Won’t this just blow away in the wind?

No.  An application of The Pro Fiber should ideally be blow dried, and therefore will be very resistant to the elements if locked in place with a strong holding hairspray.


How realistic does this product look?

If our instructions are followed, this product is virtually indistinguishable from real hair.  It can be used to supplement existing hair, or built up in layers on completely bald areas with little or no aesthetic difference to hair grown from the scalp.



But I’m completely bald and my crown area and/or receding, will this work for me?

Yes.  This product has been developed to address hairline recession and a terminally bald crown.


Can I use this product near my hairline?

Yes.   Unlike artificial fiber products that end up looking like paint or mascara on the scalp, we have carefully crafted every bottle with length and colour variations that are natural and native to people.  Also, it’s real hair, so it’s hard to look fake.


Do I need a barber/ hair professional to apply this?

This product is built for hair professionals, but easy enough to apply for anyone. 


How long will one tin last?

Our large bottle will last from 20-100 applications depending on the coverage required.  Naturally, light coverage and touch ups will last much longer than full crown and hairline coverage.


What about if my hair gets disturbed?

Think of The Pro Fiber like any high end hairstyle.  It’s not designed to be pushed, pulled, touched or tampered, but will survive normal weather conditions effortlessly for the day.  A Pro Fiber application will also fair well overnight if our Fiber Rag is worn, but will require a light touching up before you’re good to go.


Directions for use

  1. Moisten hair and/or the scalp with a holding spray, hairspray, styling grease, or an oil based pomade. This layer will provide adhesion for the hair fibers.  (Oil based sprays provide excellent resistance to rain and water, but are more prone to run with sweat).
  2. Shake the tin aggressively over the desired areas. Be generous with application.
  3. Blow dry (on cold setting) with a full arm distance to disperse loose fibers.
    NB: Don’t worry about hair falling away during application, this is not a keratin fiber, so is not designed to glue to your hair in clumps.

    Note, if you are fill to make anything over a low grade cut, multiple applications will be required, and you may want to consider also purchasing our Base Fibers that have a longer strand for added realism.
  4. Repeat steps 1,2 and 3, until the desired coverage is achieved.
  5. Shape up the hairline with clippers or a blade.
  6. Fix the hairs in place with a final application of either hairspray, or a fixing hair spritz. Depending on the qualities of the hairspray, this can provide your hair with greater resistance to water and wind displacement.
  7. Enjoy your restored hair coverage courtesy of Rep Hair.
  8. (Optional) Cover hair with a silky fiber wrap to preserve hair style over night. If not, wash out before sleeping to avoid fiber displacement on your pillow.