The Miracle Hairline Kit (5 pc)
The Miracle Hairline Kit (5 pc)
The Miracle Hairline Kit (5 pc)
The Miracle Hairline Kit (5 pc)
The Miracle Hairline Kit (5 pc)
The Miracle Hairline Kit (5 pc)
The Miracle Hairline Kit (5 pc)

The Miracle Hairline Kit (5 pc)

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Is it even possible to restore a receeding hairline back to, or even exceeding it's previous best?  Absolutely!

We've combined everything you need for hairline and crown restoration into a single, simple kit.  The kit contains:

  • 1 x The Pro Fiber (Regular) - For completely masking bald patches or receeding hairlines with REAL hair fiber.
  • 1 x The Xpress Fiber (Large) - For touch ups and/or general masking of thinning hair.
  • 1 x The Fiber Applicator - For quick and easy application of your Xpress Hair Fibers
  • 1 x The Pure Oil - Our proven scalp protecting, preparation oil
  • 1 x The Holding Spray - Our lightweight, water resistant, superior holding spray for locking in your hairline and scalp restorations.

This kit is all you'll need for totally undetectable and youthful looking, completely restored hairline.

The Pro Fiber
The Pro Fiber provides hair professionals with 100% organic, precision cut, human hair fibers.  Giving the most realistic thickness enhancement and hair loss concealment that is available on the market.  Our natural blend of colours and lengths provide applicants with a non-uniform, virtually indistinguishable coverage of hair that is so realistic, it can even be applied directly to scalp in areas where there is no hair.

The Xpress Fiber
Our Xpress Fiber™ has been developed by salon professionals who identified that the best results are achieved when fibers of different colour and length are mixed to mimick normal hair growth. The result is our RepBlend Technology™, the most realistic and high quality hair fiber available on the market. Try it for yourself, and you will see the difference.

The Fiber Applicator
Our Hair Applicator Pump allows for precision application of Xpress Fibers onto hair and the scalp. Your hair fibers will last longer and your fiber application will be more realistic as you apply to selected areas without overspill or clumping.

The Holding Spray
The Holding Spray is a light weight, professsional holding spritz that is made especially for hair fiber applications.

RepHair, The Holding Spray has been developed specifically to work effectively with out Fiber ranges (Xpress and Pro Fiber). It provides professional hold and weather resistance for a longer, more enjoyable, hassle free hair concealment.

The Pure Oil
The Pure Oil protects your scalp, promotes growth whilst providing a required layer of adhesion for the initial application of The Pro Fibers.  A few drops of The Pure Oil applied near the root will give existing hair lasting moisturisation, reduce irritation, soften and nourish the scalp and promote the growth of new hair.

This is complete kit, and we ship FAST worldwide.  

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Not like the rest

  • Better than the competition - Our superior fibers have been developed to last longer and adhere faster than standard fibers.
  • Mixed By Professionals - We have created and matched our colours to the most commonly occurring pigments.
  • Simple to apply - Just shake or spray directly to areas of thin hair to apply. Our REPBLEND technology will do the rest!
  • Mixed & Packaged in the UK- Ensuring the quality of the final product that reaches you
  • The professionals choice- Salon professionals in London prefer Rep Hair Xpress Fibers for realistic hair loss concealment