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The Fiber Hold Hair Wrap
The Fiber Hold Hair Wrap
The Fiber Hold Hair Wrap

The Fiber Hold Hair Wrap

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It's awesome having your hair restored.  It's not so awesome having to wash it out every night, and/or wake up to a pillow full of hair.

Our professional Fiber Hold Hair Wrap has been specifically developed to retain your Pro Fiber (or Xpress Fiber) application overnight, whilst protecting your pillow from hair displacement.  It's created from a silky synthetic and robust materials, specifically to hold your Fibers (and real hair) without pulling or tugging (similar to sleeping with a silk pillowcase).

It's a great accompaniment for your Fiber purchase.


The Fiber Wrap is an specialist hair wrap (night & day cap) for preserving the look of fiber applications.

The Rep Hair Co. use optimised satin that reduces adhesion to fibers, allowing you to wear our fiber products overnight, only requiring a top up in the morning, rather than a whole reapplication


  • Fiberstay™ Technology - Lock your look in place with our optimised satin sleep cap
  • Comfortable- Light and unobtrusive, won't disturb sleep.
  • Easy to Wrap- Simply tie at the back, no fussing around.
  • Unisex- Works equally well for men and women