The Tricho Kit - Instructions

The Tricho Kit


Thank you for purchasing ‘The Tricho Kit’ from Rep Hair UK.  We have created this product to aid you on your journey to a healthier, fuller head of hair.  We’ve included a free gift to say thank you! 



  • 1x Tricho Roller Trichologically optimised dermatological roller (540 titanium needles | 0.25mm length)
  • 1x The Hair Serum 30ml (Argan Oil based hair growth compound)
  • 1x The Pure Oil 30ml (100% Natural Castor Oil for hair and scalp repair)
  • 3x Sterilising Solution 10ml (Isopropyl Alcohol for medical instrument cleaning)



Start by sterilising your tricho roller.  To do this, simply squeeze a few drops of our sterilising solution into a petrie dish (or similar).   Softly (so as not to blunt the needles, roll the roller back and forth in a shallow puddle of the solution.  Allow the roller to drip dry thoroughly before use.

Apply a few drops of The Hair Serum to the roots of your hair and allow to naturally flow down to and away from the scalp.  Repeat the process with The Pure Oil on alternating days or in conjunction with.  You should see a marked improvement in the quality of your hair after a few applications.

Try to allow at least 10 hours before using The Tricho Roller.  Roll vigorously in a criss-cross fashion on the areas of the scalp that you wish to activate collagen and follicle repair.  DO NOT APPLY PRODUCTS TO SCALP DURING THE ROLLING PROCESS, SCALP REPAIR IS NOT AIDED BY PRODUCT ABSORPTION LIKE FALSELY ADVERTISED ON COMPETITOR BRANDS – DO NOT ROLL MORE OFTEN THAN ONCE A DAY TO ALLOW HEALING PROCESS AND FOLLICLE REJUVINATION TO TAKE PLACE.


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